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As you can see by my photo I am shocked at the pervasive persecution of males that is accepted in our modern world. 
I am father to a beautiful young daughter, a man who has been on the recieving end of the injustice inherent in our child support legislation and a man who is eager to help stimulate change and as Metallica say provide 'justice for all'.  I am passionate about challenging the current status quo in which men are the scapegoats for a broad range of social ills.  
I believe that certain elements of the feminist movement have lead to great improvements in our society, however, radical aspects of this movement have promulgated ideas that are not only damaging to men but women as well. In the last 30 years we have seen a masculinisation of our society which has enabled women to enjoy unparralleled success in their careers. In the past women were excluded from the world of work, today men continue to be excluded from the emotional world explimfied by the parenting experience.
Furthermore, it is important to see that rigid gender stereotypes have negative results for women and for men, the key difference is that while it is now less acceptable to restrict women to such stereotypes men are still contrained within a very rigid and limited space.
I have a Bachelor of Social Science from the Queensland University of Technology and I am currently working towards the completion of a Masters of Education degree.I work at a university located Brisbane Australia.
In recent years I have published books on career development and weight training. At present I am working on the final stages of a novel that focuses on one man's plight to find himself.
Please email me if you would like to provide feedback on the website - misandry000@gmail.com

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